Who we are?
Smartdone is a technology oriented company with the focus on the development and distribution of the GNU/Linux Software. The GNU/Linux technologies allow a company to decrease its IT costs and reach a high stability and a quality of services. Offered solutions are developed and integrated in order to fulfil strict security requirements - our standardised organizational and technological approaches will keep your data compact (well coded) and accessible only for those, whom you have granted a permission to (encrypted). Smartdone is a member of a free SOFTWARE FOUNDATION Association, the organisation, which supports the idea of a free software - technologies, which make IT smart.

Svetlana Siarska   

Karolines experience
I was very pleasantly surprised, as I tested the very first Smartdone game - a plenty of fabulous pictures and beautiful animals - all in motion. Afterwards a Memory game was created, and it is a game, what I really like to play with - recommendable for children in the same age as me, but also for smaller or older.

Karoline Siarsky

 Karoline Siarsky   

Do you need a tool, which can modify nested ZIP files? Do you have a Java application, which needs to be adapted by injection of files recursively? Zippy is a program developed in Java for those purposes.

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